rechargable camping lanternOne of the problems that I have had with some of the different lanterns that I have used while camping over the years is that the batteries seem to die unexpectedly at the worst possible point in time. I have had so many different types of lanterns leave me in the dark when they flickered out and died unexpectedly when I was in the middle of using them.

I have given up on most conventional types of camping lanterns because I know that many of these will require me to bring a lot of extra batteries out with me on my camping trip. More recently, I have been using a rechargeable camping lantern that I am able to power up just by setting it in the sun during the day. This is because the lantern is solar powered.

With this lantern, I don’t have to worry about ever being left in the dark because I can always make sure that the lantern gets the power that it needs. The charge lasts for a long time and provides me with great light that I can use every night. I just love being able to finally have some kind of a lantern that I can really count on.

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