I have been doing lots of hikes ever since I first got into hiking a few years ago. I have been working my way up to more challenging hikes and I have climbed up to some tall mountain peaks already. Living in Washington state, there are some tall mountains that one can climb around here and I plan on climbing the tallest ones eventually.

My brother has made it to the peak of Mount St. Helens and I am planning on doing this hikes and some other similar ones in the near future. It is nice to challenge myself and to make it up to a tall mountain peak. It feels so good to reach the end of a long hike and to look down and be amazed at how far you have come.

Finding some hiking gear for more serious hikes is something that I have been looking forward to doing. I have been finding some great hiking gaiters online and these will be an essential for hiking in the snow and on muddy and rough trails in general. The gaiters that I have been looking at will fit snugly around my lower legs and they will help me to feel comfortable.

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