I like to get outside all year long and that includes in the wintertime. There is always a fun adventure to try out and I love doing everything from hiking in the snow to going to a ski resort and doing some snowboarding. Finding the right outdoor supplies makes it easy for me to do some amazing outdoor activities.

My brother was the one who first introduced me to gaiters for hiking. He used them when doing hikes in the snow or in the cold. They worked really well for him and I decided that I could use some as well. Now that I have my own pair of gaiters, I like to use them for all kinds of winter journeys. They are comfortable to wear and a valuable accessory to have.

My hiking gaiters are waterproof and they sit comfortably on my lower legs. They do a really good job of keeping the snow and water out of my shoes and away from my legs. It can really ruin an outing when you fall and get a ton of snow on your legs or in your shoes, which leaves you cold and wet. With my gaiters, I no longer have to worry about those issues.

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