I have always been a huge outdoor enthusiast and so has my brother. We love to challenge ourselves and to push ourselves out in the wild. We are always looking to get some quality gear to help us to have the amazing outdoor experiences that we want to have. We like to do some challenging and hard hikes especially.

My brother and I have done some crazy hikes over the last few years and we are always planning our next adventure. We have hiked in the snow in Alaska and hiked along the coast of the ocean here in Washington state. Finding the best gear for our hikes helps to ensure that we stay as safe and secure as possible out there.

Getting some ice spikes for shoes was an amazing idea for my brother and I. I never knew that these things even existed but when I started using them, it made a huge difference. The spikes are easy to put on and they work well for hiking in snowy and icy conditions. They give us good grip and help to protect us from falls and injuries on rough and steep terrain. The spikes help ensure that we get to our destinations enjoyably.

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