I have always loved the outdoors and doing all sorts of sports and outdoor activities. It is nice to be able to get away from the busy pace of my everyday life and my every day stresses. I always feel like my mind is clear after dong some physical activity, whether I am on a hike or I am doing some snowboarding. Outdoor gear is something I am always excited to buy.

Snowboarding is one of my favorite sports to do. I have been snowboarding for about ten years now. I live in the Seattle area and there are so many awesome snowboarding opportunities out here. There are several nice ski resorts an hour or two from where I live. With the mountains all around, it is not hard to find a great snowboarding spot.

I have been taking the best hiking backpack with me on my snowboarding trips. The backpack is versatile for my hikes as well as other outdoor activities. It has been really handy to have for my snowboarding trips lately. I tend to be pretty hard-core when it comes to snowboarding and I need to have water and other essentials with me when I am in the mountains and far from the base area. With my backpack, I can always have everything I need. The backpack is really comfortable to ride with as well.

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