Finding a good hat of the cowboy kind is just what I need for the kind of outdoor adventures that I love to take on. I used to experience nature without any good sun protection and I learned the hard way just how important good protection is. Being out in the mountains means that the sun is especially dangerous and there is a high risk of sunburn without the proper protection.

Before I had some great outdoor gear, I would get badly sunburned when spending an extended time out in nature. I especially remember the time when I went on a long hike to a mountain peak at a ski resort in the summer. The hike took several hours to complete and was really challenging, with loose rocks towards the top and a very steep slope to climb.

The ski resort hike was under the sun and I didn’t have good protection. The next day, my whole body was badly sunburned and I even felt very sick because of the sunburn. My energy was drained and I could barely get out of bed in the morning, not to mention how painful it was to take a shower or change clothes. Now that I have good sun protection like my camo cowboy hat, I can enjoy nature and stay comfortable and safe at the same time.

Author: OutdoorBlogger

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