I have had a good outdoor lantern light for a few months now and I have been so pleased with it so far. It is nice for lighting up stairways and pathways outdoors and it is great for doing some yard work, enjoying some backyard fun, and for taking with me when I am camping and backpacking as well. I love being outdoors and having a handy light.

Getting outside is safer with my light and it has some great features as well. The light has a unique design which makes it easy to use for different purposes. I can set the light on top of a fence and use it as a lighting accent for my yard for some evening outdoor meals or I can have it in my hand and use it kind of like a flashlight.

My outdoor lantern light is portable and it gives me plenty of bright light wherever I need it the most. The light can be used when I am riding my bike at night, when I am fishing, when I am doing some hikes as the sun is setting, and when I just want some extra light to hang out in my backyard in the evenings. I have been using the light all the time.

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