outfitter4I can’t wait to get outdoors a lot more this summer and to explore and to take on some new adventures. There options are endless here in the Seattle area where I live. We have the mountains and the water all around us and I can do a lot of different outdoor sports. I have always been a pretty athletic person, so being able to get outdoors is a lot of fun for me.

With some great supplies, I will be able to have some style and some convenience in all of my journeys this spring and this summer. I have been stocking up on all of the handy products that I have been finding online. I can find a great water bottle or a dry bag to hold all of my essentials when I am out kayaking or on a boat.

My travel supplies will be very useful for me to have this summer and I can’t wait to get them for each and every one of my needs. I want to get out on the water a lot more and do some boating and some paddle boarding and I would like to do some longer hikes as well. Biking is also something that I am planning to do this summer.

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